“Antioquia Iluminada” program

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“Antioquia Iluminada” is the EPM rural electricity program, which started in 2009 with the goal of providing 42,000 homes with electricity until 2011. The goal was surpassed before that year and EPM decided to continue with the program.

In its fifth anniversary, Antioquia Illuminated provided 19,925 homes with electricity, with a direct impact on 85,279 people and an investment of COP 77,589 million. The program surpassed the goal set for 2013 (18,607 facilities), reaching a performance of 107%.

The program includes the extension of the electricity grid for general use, which cost is covered by EPM, and the construction of the internal facilities and connections, which cost is covered by the customer through financing plans at lower rates than those on the financial market. This represents a savings for all the families served calculated at COP 740 million a year and at COP 7,396 for the 10 years of the entire payment period.

Management of the EPM “Antioquia Iluminada” program

Management of the EPM “Antioquia Iluminada” program

14 thousand households are scheduled to be connected to the electric energy service in 2014, with an estimated investment of COP $52,740 million.

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