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Through the Gas without Borders program, EPM provides the municipalities of Antioquia located outside the Aburrá Valley with natural gas by means of pipelines, through the transportation of compressed natural gas by road. From the decompression stations, the power is distributed via pipelines to the homes, commercial establishments and places of consumption.

Until 2013, 33 municipalities located outside the Aburrá Valley were provided with this service, for a total of 65,874 facilities benefiting 235,037 people.

In 2013, 16 towns more were provided with this service: Amagá, Arboletes, Ciudad Bolívar, Cañasgordas, Carepa, Cisneros, Frontino, Jardín, Jericó, Puerto Berrío, San Jerónimo, San José del Nus, Santa Bárbara, Sopetrán, Santa Fe de Antioquia and Turbo. This had a direct impact on 48,354 facilities, benefiting 160,052 people. A total of COP ,739 million was invested in that action.

EPM lobbied to obtain funds from the National Government through the Development Fee Special Fund in order to provide a subsidy of 30% of the value of the connection of the service to stratum 1, and 20% to stratum 2, which benefited 14,855 facilities, and a total of 49,170 people.

Gas without Borders Program

Gas without Borders Program

In 2014, the program will continue its expansion to 36 populations more located outside the Aburrá Valley: Abejorral, Amalfi, Betania, Betulia, Carolina, Cocorná, Concordia, Currulao, El Reposo, El Tres, Fredonia, Gómez Plata, Granada, Guadalupe, Hispania, Ituango, La Pesca, La Sierra, Liborina, Llanos de Cuivá, Mutatá, Nueva Colonia, Olaya, Puerto Nare, Riogrande, Sabanalarga, Salgar, San Andrés de Cuerquia, San Carlos, San Juan de Urabá, San Luis, San Pedro de Urabá, San Rafael, Sucre, Ituango, Urrao, and Valdivia.

Gas sin Fronteras

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