Dignifying Homes

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The Dignifying Homes program is a financing mechanism for social-economical strata 1, 2, and 3. It aims to facilitate the access to water supply, sewage, energy and gas services. This program started operating in the 60s and is one of the programs to which the high EPM coverage rates are attributed.

In 2013, the management of the program achieved the connection of 2,615 households to the water supply service, 20,393 to the electric energy service, and 93,588 to the gas service.

Regarding the electric energy field, 2,352 internal networks were constructed in order to comply with the Electric Installation Technical Regulations, which ensures a high-quality, reliable and safe connection to the electric energy service.

The funding is made without demanding guarantees from the customers, with lower interest rates than those offered by the market, with 120-month payment plans.

Regarding the families whose households were connected in 2013, the lowest funding costs offered in the program (which are directly transferred to the customer) totaled COP $1,110 million for the water services, COP $1,464 million for the electric energy service, and COP $4,548 million for the gas service.

Since 1998, the network construction work for this program in the water supply service have been carried out through the communal action boards of the corresponding zones, with the consequent benefit of the generation of micro-local employment for the population. The scope of this contracting method will be strengthened in 2014.

Summary of the Dignifying Homes program management

Summary of the Dignifying Homes program management

34,822 users will be connected to the electric energy service through the Dignifying Homes program in 2014. Five thousand of these users will be connected through the prepaid measuring schema. Furthermore, 83,173 users will be connected to the gas service.

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