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Prepayment is a purchase system aimed at avoiding cutoffs due to payment difficulties, and is mainly focused on people living in strata 1, 2, and 3.This system allows customers to control their consumption according to their income and, therefore, make a more efficient and conscious use of public utilities.

The prepaid energy service includes a prepayment meter on gratuitous loan, installation free of charge for the user, credit facilities for the energy debt without interest and for an indefinite term, social support, among other conditions that allow the user to keep enjoying the service.

In 2011, EPM exceeded the initial goal set for a 3-year project to connect 46,000 users. In 2013, 12,695 installations were connected, both in the target market and in public electric energy dispensers.

In 2014, EPM expects to connect 15,000 new users to the prepayment system: 10,000 through the Prepaid Energy system, and 5,000 through the Dignifying Homes program.

Prepaid electric energy service results

Prepaid electric energy service results

For the implementation of the Prepaid Water system, EPM received the fee regulation from the CRA for the provision of water and sewerage services under this system, including the conditions for the payment of the sanitation service by users. Additionally, actions were carried out to determine the billing and collection system, and the coordination process with the cleaning service provider companies was started. Furthermore, EPM initiated information technology developments required for the service provision, and executed the contracting process to select the measurement equipment suppliers (none of the bidders passed the technical tests; therefore, a new contracting process will start in 2014).

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