Relevant EPM Group historic facts

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1997: EPM becomes an industrial and commercial company owned by the State pursuant to Law 142 of 1994.1999: the company Aguas del Oriente was incorporated to cover the aqueduct and sewer system demand of the Municipality of El Retiro.

2000: EPM becomes the parent company of a business group.

2002: EPM Bogotá Aguas was incorporated, which in turn became Aguas Nacionales EPM.

2003: EPM acquired CHEC (Caldas Hydroelectric Station), EDEQ (Quindío Energy Company), and HET (Hidroecológica del Teribe, Panama), and then EPM incorporated EPM inversiones S.A.

2005: EPM implemented a new strategy and changed its organizational structure.

2006: UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A. E.S.P. was incorporated.

2007: the regional energy market of Antioquia was integrated.

2006 – 2007: EPM ventured as partner into the regional companies Aguas de Urabá and Aguas de Occidente.

2009: EPM purchased CENS (Norte de Santander Power Stations), ESSA (Electrificadora de Santander S.A.), and participated in the incorporation of Empresas Públicas de Oriente.

2010: EPM invested in Central American energy companies that already have a market positioning in the region, and acquired the holding company DECA II and its subsidiaries.

2011: EPM acquired, through DECA II, the company El Salvador Holdings Ltd., which in turn owns the company Delsur (Electricidad Del Sur) in El Salvador; and by means of the purchase of the company Panamá Distribution Group S.A., the Group acquired the company ENSA (Elektra Noreste S.A.) in Panama.

EPM formally assumed the funding, construction, maintenance, operation, and commercial exploitation of the Ituango Hydroelectric Project, which will be the largest power station in Colombia with a 2,400-megawatt capacity and will start operating in 2018.

The Group acquired 85% of the state-owned company Aguas de Malambo S.A. E.S.P.

2012: EPM México was incorporated as a platform for the diverse projects that can be carried out in that country.

After the anticipated fulfillment of its Great and Ambitious Goal in 2011, the Group defined a new strategic planning projected to the year 2022; and it undertook a transformation process through the EPM Group without Borders program, which will allow defining a new organizational model for ensuring its growth and sustainability.

2013: EPM Chile was incorporated as a holding company in order to boost the growth plan of the organization in the south of the American continent. Through this holding company, EPM started the construction of the Los Cururos wind farm (which will have a capacity of 109.6 megawatt) in the Coquimbo region in Northern Chile, by means of a turnkey contract with the Danish firm Vestas.

The Medellín Council authorized the merger of UNE and Millicom Spain Cable.

The EPM Group transformed to fulfill its goals towards the year 2022.

In Mexico, the Group acquired the stock majority of Ticsa, which is a holding company that provides services in the fields of design, construction, operation, and starting up of waste water treatment plants.

With the acquisition of Emvarias, the EPM Group expanded its service portfolio to sanitation and solid waste collection.

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