EPM’s share in the Colombian market

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1.11. Participacion de EPM en el mercado colombiano  - 462128677 Thinkstock

  • The EPM Group accounts for 23.9% of the commercialization of electric energy in Colombia, which is very close to the 25% cap imposed by regulations.
  • The Net Effective capacity of the EPM Group in Colombia is 3,507 MW, which are equivalent to 24.05% of the National Interconnected System capacity.
  • EPM’s share in the firm electric energy field is 22.5%, a concept that is equivalent to “the maximum electric energy a generating plant is capable of continuously delivering under low-rainfall conditions over a one-year term”.
  • In the electric energy transmission field, EPM’s market share in Colombia is 8.2% over a regulatory cap of 15%.
  • Regarding electric energy distribution, EPM has a total share of 23.6%; and in the gas sector, the company has reached 12% of the national market.
  • In terms of drinking water and sanitation, EPM’s share is 13.7% according to its number of users subscribed.

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